So I know I havent posted anything here in a WHILE, I have been just crazy busy with school, internship, work, volunteer, and life. It has been crazy 3 months and I have a feeling its going to get crazier. So like I mentioned I am currently interning at George Brown College as a TA. This has been one of the most challenging experience for me. This is mainly because of my hectic work/life schedule. I am having a hard time focusing on my priorities and dividing my time equally to all of them. I know for me writing about things always makes them clear for me, so from now on I am going to try to write here weekly (hopefully!!) about my stuff that happens to me at school, work and at GBC.

That being said I have also had some wonderful experiences at GBC and it has thought me a lot and to a certain extent solidified my belief that I am at the right place. For someone who has doubted about what they are doing in life is really for them or not, this is very important epiphany to have.

Anyone reading this: how do you deal with work/life stress? can you give me any tips on how I can balance these things better?


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