Hello everyone!

My name is Anna Sayyed. I am currently finished my 3rd year of Early Childhood Leadership (ECL) program at Sheridan College in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. I have a diploma in Early Childhood Education from Sheridan College, and a diploma in Accounting from Humber College. I am extremely passionate about my role as an early childhood educator, and I am continuously looking for opportunity to better my professional self. I am currently finishing my internship at George Brown College as a TA. This experience has so far been the most challenging and thought provoking experience of my life. I have discovered so much about myself as person and also as a professional. I am positive that I see some kind of adult education in my future. After this degree I want to go for my Masters degree in the early childhood studies. As much as I think further education is important, I also want to gain some hands on experience with children and families. In my opinion you could have all this theoretical knowledge but if you don’t have the hands on experience to support that there are holes in you practice.

A little about me as a person:

I am twenty two years old, and love everything about my life. I come from a long line of educators, my mum and sister are both ECEs, and my dad was a thought Anatomy in a college for a little while. You can say I would be considered an introvert. I am thinker so I like to be on my own a lot, I feel like that’s where my energy comes from. I love spending time with my books (which have taken over my room). Reading is what keeps me sane. At the same time I love spending time with my family which include my lovely parents, a sister, and the most important person to me in this world, my brother. I love spending time with my close friends, and actually anyone who encourages me to think and reflect. My current obsession is the A Song of Ice and Fire books by George R. R. Martin. I LOVE them and they are the best. I also enjoy children’s literature as I like to think I am still a child at heart.

I am really passionate about advocating for early childhood education. I feel like people don’t really understand what the profession of ECE is really about, I want people to understand that ECEs are not only babysitters but educators.Currently I am just playing around with this blog, trying to get an idea of how I want this to look like. So you might see a lot of changes in appearance and the content of this blog.

You could say that this blog is currently under construction…


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