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New lesson plan from Headstart

Here is an activity that you could do in your class (or at home) with children at this time of the year. I did a very similar activity lasy year with a group of preschoolers as a small group activity, THEY LOVED IT!

Under 5

Lesson: Learning with Leaves

Author: Sarah Pounders


This pre-K activity guides you in using leaves as a tool for practicing basic math skills and introducing some plant science concepts.

Objective: To use leaves as a tool for practicing basic math skills. Materials:

  • A variety of leaves
  • Plastic bags
  • Paper plates
  • Cardstock shape cutouts (circles, ovals, squares, triangles, hearts, and stars)
  • Small blocks, stones, or dried beans
  • Paper
  • PaintLaying the GroundworkTake a nature walk in your backyard or schoolyard and collect a variety of leaves and place in a plastic bag. Note: You do not need to add any moisture to the bag to preserve the leaves for the activity, and in fact adding water or moist paper towels may speed up the decay process.


    1. Working in groups or as individuals, give each child 5 to 10 different leaves. Begin by counting the leaves.

    2. Next, ask students…

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