As in any other field advocating is a very big part of early childhood education. Educators have a big responsibility as they are not only advocating for themselves and the field of early childhood education, but also the parents and the children they work with. This is something very important to me as I face a lot biases and stereotypes toward ECEs. There are many reasons as to why society has this view that ECEs are “babysitters”, and one of the biggest one is the fact that there is lack of advocacy for the field.

Childcare Advocacy Association of Canada is a big organization that works to educate communities and advocate about Early Childhood Education.

Child Care Resource and Research Unit is a another big organization that is working to advocate for the early childhood sector. They have plenty of useful documents and publication that I find very useful. I highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t already.

Okay you know this site was going to be here. Ontario Coalition For Better Child Care to me is the place to go if I am doing any kind of research on any thing related to advocacy. They have plenty of advocacy tools for ECEs, parents, and students. Being a proud member (yayayay!!!) I definitely recommend them. For me the most interesting tool they have is the Student Outreach Tool Kit this was the starting point for me when I was looking at doing some advocacy stuff. It’s a great tool because its tells you little things you could do to advocate and help the field.

STRONG VOICE. STRONG PROFESSION. This is the mission statement of AECEO which is an acronym for Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario. Another association that I am a member of. This site is useful because not only does it keeps you updated on the current events and development but also has professional development resources as well.

So these are the site I have so far. Since I live and work in Ontario (GTA area) these resources mostly are Ontario based. I would love to research some other resources as well once my internship is done I will be posting some more on here.


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