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I found this very interesting post from TeachThought on few of the technologies teachers could use in classrooms. I have used some of these apps (like KidBlog, Evernote, and Weebly) they are easy to use and provide a lot of recourse. Hope you find this useful. Let me know by answering the poll whether or not you found this article useful.

Click the link below to access the list:

8 Education Apps to Create Digital Portfolio

I also want to add some of other apps that are useful:

Edmodo: Create an e-community to share ideas, resources, and anything else with parents, colleagues, and children. There is no charge on signing up and the app for smart phone is free.  

Pintrest: I cant most of my activity ideas from here.

Tumblr: Just like Pintrest, Tumblr is helpful when coming up with activities and lesson plan ideas.

CDRCP–A great resource for educators

As promised here is a link to the CDRCP website.

CDRCP link

The Halton Resource Connection

Here is the link to the THRC website, which I highly recommend.

THRC link


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