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CDCRP–A great resource for educators





Every RECE living or working in the Region of Peel should have membership with CDCRP.

CDCRP offers many professional development resources for not only ECEs but also parents and community members. Be it a job bank, professional development courses and seminars, or the opportunity to borrow resources for classrooms, CDRCP has it all. The highlight of this website for me is the webinars and eLearning opportunities, because they could be accessed by anywhere.

Click here to access the CDRCP website

I am going to post a link to the website on the professional development page as well.

Image source: http://www.cdrcp.com/


How Schools Kill Creativity By: Sir Ken Robinson



So I have a question to anyone reading this blog; do you think our school system kills creativity in children? If your answer is no, go watch the video “How schools kill creativity” by Sir Ken Robinson. If you said, then your viewpoints might be a lot similar to Mrs. Robinson.